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Lot closed
Lot location
Peoria, Arizona
Engine: 3.3L V6 Gasoline Engine
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 132,027
Features & Notes:
With Reserve
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The Auction Yard's Weekly Public Auto Auction!
Auction address
7577 W Mountain View Rd
Peoria, AZ
United States
The Auction Yard's Weekly Public Auto Auction!

Auction dates
Jul 10, 2024 05:30 PM MT
Auction currency
Other payment methods

Buyer is soley responsible for removal

Payments: Payment must be made at 7577 W. Mountain View Rd Peoria, AZ 85345 (Cashiers checks made payable to : The Auction Yard, LLC)

Payment Methods Accepted: We accept cash and wire/bank transfer. Credit cards & Debit Cards can be used for up to the first $3000.00 of an invoice in person. Bidder will be charged an additional 3% convenience fee towards the total of any Credit Card or Debit Card transaction. Credit card/ Debit Card and valid photo ID must be presented in person when paying for vehicle. Also we can accept Cashiers Checks which are made payable to " The Auction Yard".

Defaults: Non-payment will result in a 15 % re-listing service fee and the $300 deposit is non refundable once a vehicle is won. For more information please see the Terms & Conditions.

Buyer's Premium: There will be a 10% Buyers Premium Per Vehicle
Admin Fee: There will be a $175 Admin Fee Per Vehicle

Sales Tax: There is a 8.1% tax in effect for this auction

Payment: Payment must be made at 7577 W. Mountain View Rd Peoria, AZ 85345 (Cashiers checks made payable to : The Auction Yard, LLC)

Payment Deadline: Complete payment must be made within 4 business days of auction. Partial payments can be accepted but invoice will have to be paid in full by the second business day. Failure to complete payment during this time will result in forfeiture of vehicle and relisting fees will apply.

Load Out Times: Thursday 7/11/24 10am to 6pm & Friday 7/12/24 10am to 4pm 

Location: 7577 W. Mountain View Rd Peoria, AZ 85345

Phone: (602) 412-3617

Removal Assistance: Buyers are solely responsible for the removal of purchased items.

Buyer's Premium: There will be a 10% buyers premium on Bidspotter per vehicle and a 5% buyers premium Per Vehicle on
Admin Fee: There will be a $175 Admin Fee Per Vehicle

Notice of Right to Extend Auction In the event of a server outage or similar computer related problem with the auction site, The Auction reserves the right to extend the Auction for 1 day.

Any affected lots in the outage may be extended for reasons beyond our control. 


Buyer's Premium: There is a 10% Buyer's Premium in effect for this auction.

To view full auction details page, please CLICK HERE

By viewing or using the Local Liquidators website or participating in any auction, you are agreeing to be legally bound by our General Terms and Conditions and these Auction Details. If you do not agree with the General Terms and Conditions or Auction Details, you may not participate in any auction or continue to access or use the Local Liquidators website. Continued access or use of the Local Liquidators website, or participation in any Auction constitutes your agreement with our General Terms and Conditions and the applicable Auction Details.

Notice of Reserves. Pursuant to UCC 2-328 and applicable state law, this is a reserve auction. The reserve price for most items is the starting bid price. If the reserve price is greater than the starting bid, Local Liquidators and its affiliates, if necessary, may bid on behalf of the seller, using one or more bidder numbers, up to the reserve price. If we have an interest in an offered lot other than our commissions, we may bid in the same manner therefore to protect such interest. As a bidder, It is your responsibility to stop bidding when you have reached the limit you are willing to pay for a particular lot. For more information about the Local Liquidators reserve policy, visit our Reserves Page by Clicking Here.

Please make sure you have read the terms of this auction before bidding.

Bidding Starts: Wednesday, July 03, 2024 at 05:00:00 am PT

Live Bidding Starts: Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 05:30 pm PT
Cars will sell during the live auction starting at 5:30pm

Location: 7577 W. Mountain View RdPeoriaAZ 85345

Preview Times: Tuesday 7/09/24 10am to 4pm & Wednesday 7/10/24 10am to 5pm.

NOTICE OF RESERVE AND IMPLIED WARRANTY DISCLOSURE: The Auction Yard LLC and its affiliates may bid using one or more bidder numbers to protect reserve pricing pursuant to ARS 47-2328. If you have any questions about this please read our full terms or call the front office. The Auction Yard LLC is a Public Consignment Auction Dealer and is exempt from Emissions testing under A.R.S 49-542(D) and The Implied warranty of Merchantability disclosure/disclaimer under A.R.S 28-4412 and 44-1267. The Auction Yard LLC makes no representations of any vehicle. Our inspection reports are not certified. We provide them only as a courtesy. You are still responsible to preview the vehicles you bid on. Do not go off our inspection reports alone. For any questions please feel free to contact us at (602) 412-3617.


(If you would like to cancel your bid before the Item closing please call us at (602) 412-3617)

IMPORTANT: We have recently updated some of our terms regarding placing your first bid in our vehicle auctions. A $300.00 credit card authorization will now be processed when submitting your first bid at this auction. The $300.00 is simply a pending hold on your card and is held by the credit card company for varying lengths but typically 24-72 hours. This $300.00 authorization is not actually charged to your card. If you are the winning bidder, we will capture the $300.00 authorization which is non refundable along with a 3% Card fee and apply it to your invoice. If you do not win any items in the auction, the hold will drop off within 3-4 business days. Also there will be a $ 175 Admin Fee for each lot along with a 10% Buyers Premium Per Vehicle.







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